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JAHnetics is San Francisco’s Premier Cannabis Delivery Service

JAHnetics is San Francisco’s Premier Cannabis Delivery Service

JAHnetics San Francisco strives to provide the Bay Area with the world’s greatest cannabis menu. Specializing in carefully-crafted cannabis of exotic and exclusive flavor profiles, we are committed to researching and developing the best cannabis on the market. In addition to our unprecedented cannabis menu, we also pride ourselves on professional and transparent deliveries. San Francisco medical cannabis patients can track their orders and see, through a map on their smartphone, how far their delivery driver is. Whether a Haight-Ashbury hippie or Financial District executive, we are happy to serve anyone who loves cannabis and its myriad of benefits.

History: We have spent over a decade sowing seeds of experimental cannabis crops, meticulously researching and developing new strains, and perfecting existing ones. Once we curated a menu of unique and high-end cannabis, we took to trade shows, traveling all over Southern California, setting up booths at all the shows we could. It wasn’t long before JAHnetics developed a rapport in the cannabis community and our booths were swarmed by cannabis enthusiasts excited to try our deliciously exotic flowers. Seeking more practical ways of getting these exquisite buds to more cannabis consumers, our first plan of action was a delivery service. On the first of August in 2016, we officially launched our San Francisco medical cannabis delivery service and have been joyfully delivering to patients all over San Francisco ever since.

Products: Many of the buds on our menu have impressive accolades, sweeping the competition at trade events like Hempcon and publications like High Times. Hawaiian Gold is adorned with the title of “Best Sativa” and recently we partnered with the rock band Pepper to create a variation of this tasty strain called Hawaiian Pepper. Some of our other heavy hitters include JAH Cookies, Papaya, and Ambrosia, which took best hybrid at Hempcon in 2016. JAHnetics also features a list of signature cannabis strains including: Tangelina OG (a cross of Tangie and OG Kush), O.Z. Kush (whose parent strains are Zkittles and Eddy Lepp OG), and last but not least, Orangutang (a blend of Gorilla Glue and Tangie). See what all the buzz is about and try some of JAHnetics award-winning cannabis strains for yourself!

Process: In addition to having a progressive and sophisticated medical cannabis menu, we also pride ourselves on excellent customer service and efficient deliveries. San Francisco cannabis patients that order from us never have to guess where their delivery is thanks to Onfleet. Patients who place an order receive text message notifications when their driver departs and a few minutes before arrival and patients can view exactly where their driver is on a virtual map. Deliveries are free, with a minimum amount of $40.

Taking the approach that a wine connoisseur would when reviewing flavor profiles, JAHnetics challenges the stigmas attached to cannabis use. Only letting the best cannabis make it to our menu, our grow collectives may pick as few as two plants from a crop of ten, which ensures our patients get the best cannabis products around. The specifics of our grow methods are secret, but the quality of JAHnetics flowers are well known.