The Scoop: “Take a ride, competition take a ride.” Hawaiian Pepper, for lack of a more precise way of explaining it, is a fruity homage to Hawaiian Gold. A Sativa-heavy cross between Super Lemon Haze x Santa Cruz Golden Haze, Hawaiian Pepper is the tropical offspring of a collaborative effort between the band Pepper and Northern California’s Jahnetics.

It pays to have friends in high places. The members of Pepper, the dub-reggae/ska band with a uniquely 420-style, grew up together in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. Blessed with talent, good fortune, and access to some of the island’s best weed, they’ve been Ohana since middle-school. Once the band left the Big Island behind for the Golden State, the guys had one small problem that notoriety couldn’t cure: Finding their Kona Town favorite, Hawaiian Gold.

Thanks to a timely introduction by a Weedmaps manager at the 2016 HTCC, Michael from Jannetics was able to fulfill the band’s quest “for a taste of home.”

The Result: Loaded with terpenes and soaked in the “Aloha Spirit,” Hawaiian Pepper instills an uplifting and creative high. A new aged hippie speedball of sorts, this strain simultaneously relaxes the stressed out body while igniting an artistic mindset. Pleasing the likes of Lono, Hawaiian Pepper is nothing short of a psychological rush. Like some surf starved rippers witnessing the ‘Seven Mile Miracle’ and Pipeline for the first time – just a few deep hits and you’re stoked for hours.

Hawaiian Pepper Find Hawaiian Pepper by Jahnetics Hawaiian Pepper

Type: Sativa

Also Known As: Hawaiian Gold

Genetics: Super Lemon Haze x Santa Cruz Golden Haze

Average THC: 19-22%

Average Price Per ⅛: $50

Strain Background: After their chance meeting at the 2016 San Bernardino High Times Cannabis Cup, the skilled cultivators from Jahnetics and the guys from Pepper decided to team for a collaboration. Looking to create a one-off variation and modify the original strains used in their award-winning Hawaiian Gold, Michael from Jahnetics and Yesod Willams from Pepper began experimenting with different terpene profiles. After settling on two potent Sativas for crossbreeding, Jahnetics’ new Hawaiian Pepper began to take root.

Appearance: Now the “official marijuana strain of Pepper,” Hawaii Pepper’s resinous flowers are a sight to behold. Tightly manicured and ready for action, these spear shaped buds drip with THC-laced trichomes. Encased by psychoactive compounds, her pistils range in coloration from a pumpkin-orange to a nearly translucent amber. Pele approved, this strain’s bag appeal is nothing short of pure Hawaiian fire.

Photo courtesy of @pepperlive Photo courtesy of @pepperlive Consistency: Mean, green and more than slightly sultry, Hawaiian Pepper’s texture is a nostalgic blast from the island’s past. When breaking the strain apart, I strongly suggest the use of a grinder or scissors. Too valuable to waste and too sticky to touch, the compounds (read: terpenes and cannabinoids) from this flower act like glue on the digits.

Scent: A true island-style Sativa, Hawaiian Pepper is a creamy fruit forward strain. While her aroma maintains a strong hint of pine and tropical fruit, there’s also a subtle whiff of papaya. When releasing her pungent terpenes from captivity, consumers are instantaneously transported to their own imaginary island.

Taste: Bong hits, blunts or joints, consumers should be prepared to be hit by waves of buttery fruit on the initial inhale, as Hawaiian Pepper’s volcanic terpenes prepare an explosive exhale of tropical flavors. Never mind Kona coffee and the smell of sweet hibiscus, Hawaiian Pepper truly captures the exotic essence of the Hawaiian Islands.

Verdict: Great for surfing, skating, hiking or biking, this new strain embraces the wild power of the Hawaiian Islands. Currently available through SF Cannabis Deliveries and Jannetics, Hawaiian Pepper will soon be available at dispensaries across Southern California.