For the cannabis purist, concentrates have become more and more prevalent over the past half decade. Between crumble, shatter, oil and everything in between, we partnered with Benny's Farm to bring you our favorite concentrated products.

Benny's Farm is a quality-focused cannabis concierge collective that brings the entire menu into your home for a private consultation. We are cultivators, connoisseurs, and activists for our patients' rights and safe access to quality cannabis. At Benny's Farm, we believe your medicine should help, not hurt your body or mind. Unfortunately, not all cannabis is created equal. Lack of regulation leaves patients vulnerable to harmful chemical nutrients and foliar sprays. Our strict standards and cultivation best practices ensure everything on our menu exceeds patient expectations. Benny’s Farm aspires to a higher standard of cannabis that will mold to our members' preferences. For more info about Benny’s Farm please visit

FRENCH DAB MEDICATED ORAL STRIPS Smoking dabs can be harsh on the lungs and eating raw concentrate is less pleasant. FRENCH DAB solves these issues by infusing the highest quality CO2 oil into oral strips that resemble shatter. FRENCH DAB oral strips are the healthiest way to consume cannabis concentrate. FRENCH DAB is absorbed sublingually so that the cannabinoids in the strips are absorbed directly into the bloodstream without being digested by your liver first. You get a faster acting medicine with up to 5x the bioavailability of a traditional edible. FRENCH DAB is 100% vegan, organic, NON-GMO and hypoallergenic. FRENCH DAB creates an uplifting high and naturally prevents headaches and migraines. FRENCH DAB relaxes muscles, which is great after workouts. FRENCH DAB neutralizes nausea and has no harmful effects on the lungs. FRENCH DAB is energizing and keeps you active and creative. For more info about FRENCH DAB please visit

CHONG'S CHOICE CANNABIS OIL CARTRIDGES With state of the art CO2 extraction method, Chong’s Choice THC oil is guaranteed to be the one of the finest and highest quality oil products around. Their extraction method combines a high concentration of THC without sacrificing the flavor that discerning consumers look for. Find yours here.

NATIV ROSIN Native grows plants using sustainable farming practices resulting int products free of synthetic pesticides. Their techniques produce high-quality rosin with high-flavor profiles with an undeniable balance of purity and potency. Learn more about NATIV here.

CRITICAL CONCENTRATES LIVE RESIN Extracted from fresh, uncured flowers for maximum terpene preservation, Critical Concentrates’ Live Resin is their flagship product. Aimed at the most high-end concentrate connoisseurs, they spare no expense when it comes to producing this top shelf medicine. Using certified extraction equipment from the top extraction equipment companies like Precision Extraction and Emotek Labs. Learn more about Critical Concentrates here.

QUALITY CONCENTRATES KEYSER SÖZE CRUMBLE Quality Concentrates works to provide consumers with the purest, most potent and highest quality concentrates. Their year-round rotating crops are always fresh and flavorful. For crumble fans, we recommend the Keyser Söze Crumble. Learn more about Quality Concentrates here.

GUILD EXTRACTS CRYSTALLINE Guild Extract’s THCa Crystalline was developed as a means of delivering large, quantifiable doses of THCa and is known as the purest isolate anywhere on the market - testing at 99-100%. This pure THCa converts to THC when vaped and creates a clear and highly cerebral effect, or remains non-psychoactive when ingested. CBD Crystalline is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that can be ingested orally or vaporized to create a calm, clear effect without compromising cognitive function. Learn more about Guild Extracts here.

JAHNETICS X BUDDHA NECTAR COLLABORATION SHATTER Made with JAHnetics, JAHwaiian is a cross of JAH Cookies, (1st Place best Indica) and Hawaiian Gold, (1st Place best Sativa) the result offered highly acclaimed terpene profiles. Learn more Jahnetics here.